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Q: Will The Brazen fit under my cabinets?
A: The Brazen Brewer was designed to fit standard cabinet measurements. It is 15 ½ inches tall and 8 1/2 inches wide.

Q: What materials are used inside the Brazen?
A: The reservoir and water pathway is stainless steel, and the dispersion screen is FDA approved, food grade BPA-free plastic. All other internal components are RoHS compliant.

Q: What is the range of Brazen altitude?
A: The Brazen is designed to brew at attitudes up to 10,000 feet. You set your altitude in calibration, but will still be constrained by the laws of nature as the window of boiling will be more narrow.

Q: What paper coffee filter do we recommend?
A: Bunn A10

Q: What grind do we recommend?
A: About the consistency of kosher salt, somewhere between a fine grind and a French press grind. This would be 20-22 on a Barratza Grinder. Joe Behm recommends a Baratza Virtuoso.

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