My coffee isn’t hot enough.

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First, check your set brew temperature. Keep in mind ideal brewing temperatures are 197 – 205 for optimal extraction. Please note there is a guaranteed 15-20 degree drop from reservoir to carafe at brewing. This is universal for all brewers. The SCAA has guidelines on how hot it can be going into the carafe. The Brazen meets SCAA guidelines and even NASA’S.

Water travels through an all metal solenoid valve (heat loss of appx 1.75-2F measured by Umpqua and SCAA) to dispersion disc where water is showered (point of heat loss) into the grounds basket (point of heat loss) through a valve stem (air mixes in here- point of heat loss) into a metal carafe that unless preheated with boiling water also contributes to and is another point of heat loss.

Imagine a carafe sitting in a cool kitchen at even 80F where fluids for example are 203.. boom major drop. Even if preheated by the time carafe is emptied for coffee to flow in the metal will have cooled.

If your preference is based on coffee temperatures at commercial locations or in brewers with a warming plate, that coffee is brewed at the proper temperatures and reheated to bring temperature up. This is terrible for coffee character and according to recent research not healthy for people.

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