Thank You

Throughout this journey there have been many people, family, friends, acquaintances and complete strangers who either knowingly or unknowingly contributed mightily to what has been achieved with the Behmor coffee products. Some provided information and knowledge while others provided hope and a shoulder to lean on. All provided a measure of what was needed for me to bring to you the Behmor 1600 and most recently the BraZen Brew System.

To each I say thanks.

To the home roaster using the Behmor 1600, thank you for participating in the next phase of this journey and I look forward to what lies ahead and please, always feel free in contacting me.

To the coffee consumer enjoying our newest innovation, the BraZen Brew System, thank you and enjoy what some describe to be the greatest leap in coffee brewing technology since drip machines were first conceived.

To Ian Anderson, Ludwig Von Beethoven and many others, thank you. Your music provided either inspiration or a means to soothe my soul while traveling the untold miles of this journey and countless hours of contemplative moments over these past eight years.

To the growers, equipment manufacturers, importers, Ted Lingle, Don Holly, the home roasting community and the coffee industry in general, thank you for allowing me in and answering my questions. I was a stranger to your world and you treated me with the utmost kindness.

To John Nanci of Chocolate Alchemy fame, what can I say about my kilt wearing, key techno advisor and friend, other than he has been an awesome advisor, techno genius and awesome friend, thank you. John has filled in the answers to many a question with regards to all sciences to include computer code. Thanks should also go to Logan, his daughter, for allowing me to have so much of her father’s time.

To Scott Reed, a profound and mighty thank you for affording me the time you did. You gave me insight into understanding the dynamics of coffee roasting and so much more. I hope your act of kindness is returned a thousand fold throughout your life.

To Percy Lee, a major thank you for helping me avoid the many potholes associated with doing business in Asia. Your guidance, your advice and your dedication to helping me as a friend are indeed appreciated. To you and yours I wish much good fortune…

To Whit Bivens, my friend and patent attorney. Thank you for the times you listened as a friend and for providing support, during those times of tremendous angst. Thank you for your advice. Thank you more importantly for the friendship.

To Emily, Chloe and Laura. Thank you for putting up with me and being there to support your mother when it wasn’t just my mind that was away. Thank you for being bright lights in my life. I’ll always feel fortunate.

To my brothers and Mother. Thank you for the years you stood by me when times were tumultuous, when it would been easy for you to turn away and for me to quit. Thank you for your patience and love.

To the person I owe my deepest thanks. My best friend, my life partner, my inspiration, my wife. You’ve allowed me to pursue a dream and continue to pursue new ones, not only at a great risk financially but emotionally as well. Without you by my side and in support of this journey it would never have been possible. You are all my life’s dreams, and my desire for being who I am. You are my hope.

You are my reason for waiting… Thank you.

Thank you to everyone… I am humbled to have been allowed to make this journey with you.

Joe Behm