Connection Wi-Fi & Apps (iOS, Android) Troubleshooting

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Q: I switched from Android to iPhone and and now my Connected Brewer won’t work with the app.
A: Make sure to use the same user account and password that you setup with the other phone. Power cycle the brewer off, unplug it and force quit the app.

Q: My Connected Brewer connected initially but it’s not connecting anymore.
A: Check Wi-Fi connection, reboot router and/or power cycle your brewer (unplug and plug back in).

Q: The password I’m setting for the Behmor Connected app isn’t working.
A: Your WPA key length must be 8 to 64 characters. Commas and Quotations are not supported.

Q: The app asked for a DADO login/password after other login was complete. What do I do?
A:This is an error. Try force closing the app and power cycle the brewer. If this doesn’t work, do a factory reset on the brewer.

Q: My brewer won’t connect on the shared wifi at work.
A: WEP is not supported as it is not secure.  You will need to change to wpa or wpa2.

Q: How do I get rid of Extra brewers showing up on the Behmor Connected app?
A: Swipe left on the extra ones to delete them. 

Q: Can I set up multiple phones with one brewer?
A:Yes, it’s the same as adding the first, just hit the + symbol and go through the setup process. Make sure to use the same account login information as you did on the other device.

Q: My Connected Brewer Keeps Losing Internet Connection.
A: Check your router settings, and either increase the “DHCP Lease Time” or make sure it doesn’t have some sleep feature to it.  It looks like the brewer is refreshing the connection way too often.

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