Summer Power & Longer Roast times

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In the summer months as power demands go up, available voltage/power gets lower due to demand especially late mornings on, in areas where A/C are on and as power/voltage drops occur roast times can grow longer. This also affects temperature reading if you happen to be using a Plus version

Why is that?

In short power lines are no different than pipes that carry water. They have limited supply, limited capacity and the more straws being used to draw off the one source, the less for everyone.

Ever have lights dim when heater or you’re A/C kick on? Or have you been in a shower when head loses flow because someone flushes the toilet or turns on water elsewhere in the house?

Now imagine both disruptions of flow as a constant, it’s the same effect that occurs throughout neighborhoods with power and the effect is to all household devices that draw power.

What can I do?

Always try roasting early before power demand spikes. We know customers who routinely will roast at 6-8 am to avoid these issues or late in the day.

If you have a “Kill A Watt” or similar device that allows you can read the voltage and watch for ideal power situations during the summer months. It’s a highly useful device and can be found on Amazon for about $19.

Voltage Drop Pct

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