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Q: I press A and it only reads 129F, do I have a broken system?
A: No, as noted on page 8 the “A” temperature reading only becomes active midway through the
roast. The fact the button works and there is a reading indicates the system functions are as
they should be otherwise an error message would likely appear.

Q: I press A and sometimes it reads higher/ lower than other times, do I have a defective unit?
A: No*, the temperature readings of the “A” thermistor can be effected by
1) Weight of coffee being roasted/ bean mass (1 lb to 12ounces causes a 17F difference)
2) Voltage as it effects power to the elements, fan speeds, which will affect temperature readings.
3) Venturi opening/ ambient air- to reduce exhaust temps we have a venturi opening and a fan. One draws ambient air into the exhaust channel via a venturi opening and the fan forces ambient air into the exhaust channel. Outside temps can affect “A” temps greatly.

Q: My readings are different than others I see posted on the internet, is my system broken?
A: If you are seeing readings above 300* or more NO because as noted previously there are numerous
factors that can affect the readings. Key to remember is never gauge by what others may show as each
roasting environment is different thus can lead to different results.

Q: My temperatures are different from A to B, is my system broken?
A: No, the A reads exhaust channel temps and B reads chamber side wall. “A” is in the air flow,
whereas the “B” is attached to the outer side wall of the chamber.

Q: My chart shows 1C should be around 400F but my “A” readings shows 345F, is my system broken?
A: No, the “A” button only shows exhaust temps and not bean temps and the whole purpose of
Showing temps was for informational purposes to illustrate the rise and fall for patterns only

*If you get a reading on “A” thermistor in the low 200s close to 1C or beyond please check
your afterburners after the roast is completed. Easiest way is to open your chamber door
press COOL, and look up at the grill w/ holes on the inside of the roasting chamber. Can
you see any amber color behind the holes. If no contact us for a replacement set.

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